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As Question of Cities completes a year, we bring to you video editorials which outline our journey and the need for a journal focused on cities chronicled and explored through the lenses of natural ecology, social equity and sustainability.

Architect-activist PK Das, Founder of Question of Cities, speaks about the journal as a forum and the importance of nature-responsive urban development. Stressing that the journal is a platform for dialogues related to nature, people, and sustainability with a unique focus on urban development and Climate Change, he speaks about the importance of natural ecology in building cities, charts out how we can achieve the goal and keep the conversations going on about our cities.

Journalist-chronicler Smruti Koppikar, Founder Editor of Question of Cities, talks about how and why the journal was launched, how it is different from the conventional media though it keeps an eye on news about cities, how it has shaped up to ask the difficult questions about our cities while keeping a steadfast focus on nature, people and sustainability in cities.

‘We will continue to campaign for nature-led urban development’


‘We will keep asking the question how to make our cities more habitable’

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