SAFAR - High Resolution Emission Inventory of Mega City Delhi, 2018

SAFAR – High Resolution Emission Inventory of Mega City Delhi, 2018


This report was put together by the System of Air quality, Weather Forecasting And Research in New Delhi. It focuses on emissions and their pollutants in Delhi and its surrounding areas, and was based on a large survey done in Delhi with the help of several universities and scientists. The report introduces us to the emissions inventory which consists of eight pollutants —  PM2.5, PM10, CO, NOx, VOC, SO2, VC, OC — and the list is still growing. The decline of urban air quality leads to the risk of acute respiratory diseases including asthma, lung cancer, and COPD among people. The report also highlights the urban practices that emit these harmful pollutants.

The emissions inventory collects surface emission data from anthropogenic and natural sources. An inventory of this kind not only helps us to identify the sources of the pollutant but also guides us to different identical potential sources. “The emission inventory developed in this work is one of the most extensive, sturdy and factual inventories as it discusses several factors, which involve detailed field survey to collect the primary and secondary data, adopted scientific methodology with proven indigenously developed GIS, based statistical model, etc. The developed emission inventories are first of its kind for Delhi-NCR for the most recent year 2018 with finest resolution.” This inventory can be a model for other cities to prepare emissions inventories too.