Climate Journalism That Works: Between Knowledge and Impact

Climate Journalism That Works: Between Knowledge and Impact


The 2023 news report, “Climate Journalism That Works: Between Knowledge and Impact” is put together by Eurovision News operated by the European Broadcasting Union.

As the name suggests, the report takes a deep dive into how climate journalism is done and exposes its pitfalls, while also charting a clear path ahead for a more responsible and careful way to address climate change. It talks about the inevitable destruction that is caused to our lives but also the biodiversity at large. Their mission is to find a way to reach and engage people who are currently navigating their lives without drawing on the recent events in the world. 

“The two central questions this report addresses are: What will it take for newsrooms to motivate decision-makers and the wider population to act while adhering to the principles of independent journalism? And: Will the media be up to the task?”

The report is divided into four parts: first and foremost understanding the challenges of Climate reporting, then the methods in which they can be tackled, followed by  management, and finally how this impacts the bigger picture. It also puts together a multitude of guides of books, resources, glossaries and references for other journalists and editors to look at and start implementing in their narratives.

It concludes by saying that a newer approach to Climate journalism can transform media organisations from being quote-driven to being knowledge or fact-driven, which would in turn be more constructive and solution-driven, attracting a younger audience and talent, and fostering diversity and inclusion.