Capital Gains - Clean Air Action in NCR Delhi: What’s next?

Capital Gains – Clean Air Action in NCR Delhi: What’s next?


Prepared by the Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi, the report covers different aspects of pollutants and planning which affects the region and takes a positive approach in looking at the steps to make Delhi sustainable. It outlines the sector-wise progress achieved while stating the current gaps. “The next big transition in the region requires access to clean fuel and technology in all sectors; mobility transition to prevent lock-in of pollution in the commuting infrastructure; circular economy for resource recovery from waste and to prevent its burning; and addressing the special challenges of an informal economy. At the same time, we need to push for better data and science in the sector.”

Delhi is now being equipped to better understand the air quality because of the expansion in the monitoring network. This report brings out the nature of change in use of diesel and coal and other measures in the city that have contributed to the decline of PM2.5 and talks about developing satellite-based monitoring to complement the current  ground-based monitoring. The report covers industrial pollution along with vehicular technology and fuel changes that contribute to the overall health of the city and the NCR region, and introduces the need for solid waste management and its impact on the circular economy.  “Public engagement and awareness have to be further deepened to build understanding of the solutions and also to build support for difficult solutions. Future solutions are going to be more difficult, complex, and expensive and will also require lifestyle changes.” It is an important report for any city that deals with air pollution.